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What do the findings of the Birthplace Study mean for Midwives? What are the challenges faced by Student Midwives of a home birth?

As more and more women give birth out of hospital the need to rise the inevitable challenges that sit alongside this becomes ever more imperative. The workforce will need to be properly prepared for such a shift. Education and training must start to adapt to a very different service configuration. Some widely-held beliefs such as the necessity for two midwives at every homebirth or a midwife on duty at a freestanding midwifery-led unit 24/7 when birth numbers are low must be challenged and examined.

In this exclusive supplement, you will gain an insight into Home Births with detailed and conclusive findings supplemented by key results. This supplement is a must-have for any midwife and student midwife that wants to advance their career and provide the best care through a better understanding of home births.

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In this exclusive Home Birth supplement, British Journal of Midwifery looks at key areas of this topic. These are just a few of the issues addressed in this supplement published by BJM:

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